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Additional Information

We are delighted you are keen to apply for Harrow School. Applications will not be processed until all supporting documents and application fee have been gratefully received.

Medical Information

We would appreciate any information that might be relevant to your child’s performance in the classroom or during Physical Education lessons and/or swimming lessons. If your answer to the following questions is “Yes” please give details.

If your child’s Application for Admission to Harrow International School Shanghai is successful, you will be required to complete a detailed Medical Information Record.

Additional Information

“Friends of Harrow”: a parents’ group within Harrow Shanghai who raise funds through innovatory channels to provide unique opportunities for Harrow pupils so that through exploration and challenge they might meet their potential to the full.“哈罗之友”是由哈罗上海家长发起并组织的一个极具包容性和互助性的团体,他们通过创新的渠道来筹集资金,为哈罗学子提供独特的探索机会,使孩子们可以充分发挥他们的潜力。如您有意向加入,开学后学校会与您取得联络,组织定期集会。


Please note that the parent/guardian’s signature below constitutes agreement with the following information:

In making this Application, I/we agree to be bound by the conditions of entry contained within the Admissions Procedure of Harrow International School Shanghai and which shall form part of my/our agreement with Harrow International School Shanghai with respect to the student.

I/We agree to be bound by the resolutions and regulations made by Harrow International School Shanghai.

I/We agree to give the permission for images including photographs and videos of my/our child to be used in Harrow International Group of Schools’ promotional literature.

I/We understand that if accepted the student will remain enrolled in the Harrow International School Shanghai and if circumstances are such that this contract has to be terminated, I/we agree to give a full term’s written notice to the Head Master or one term’s fees in lieu of such notice.

I/We understand that students take educational outings, field trips and other educational activities arranged and supervised by the Harrow International School Shanghai staff and other responsible adults who will exercise all reasonable caution. Though, I/we agree that Harrow International School Shanghai and its members cannot accept any liability for accidents either en route or at the activity itself.

I/We understand that in the event of an emergency every effort will be made to contact parents and that my/our child will be taken to either his/her family doctor or a suitable hospital for treatment. In such an event I/we shall be liable for any costs incurred for the treatment.

I/We understand that Harrow International School Shanghai reserves the right to terminate this Contract should the student not comply with its rules or is unable to benefit from the education that it offers.

I/We understand that I am/we are liable for payment of all applicable fees as stated in the present Harrow International School Shanghai fee structure and agree to pay a penalty should I/we not pay fees by the due date. I/We also agree that should we repeatedly not pay fees on time, our child’s place in the School can be reviewed.

I/We enclose a bank transfer slip of the Application Fee of RMB 3,000. I/We understand that this fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Date: Dec 14, 2019